About us

Gunther has over 50 years experience working on Volkswagens. Gunther started working on Volkswagens in 1958. He worked at many places over the years including the first Volkswagen dealership in Fredericton. In 1977 Gunther found himself out of work when Capital Garage closed. He had a hobby shop at his house and his customers from the garage started coming to his home and asking for his help with their vehicles.

Gunther Jr. has over 30 years experience. He started working in his dads garage when he was 16 years old as Gunther was getting busy and needed an extra hand. Jr. has been working at the garage ever since.

Melvin has been working with Gunther for over 30 years. Melvin joined the team around 1980 as the garage was getting too busy for Gunther and his son to manage.

Madeleine (Apprentice)
Madeleine has been apprenticing with Gunther since 2011. Madeleine met Gunther in the summer of 2011 when she found herself stranded near Edmunston on her way to Nova Scotia. She was driving a 1981 air-cooled Vanagon that would  not go any further. She called someone from the Vanagon Rescue Squad who directed her to Gunther. She towed the can the almost three hours to Fredericton NB. Gunther rebuilt the engine and got her back on the road but she had such a great experience that she asked if she could stay and learn from Gunther and the team.

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